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This site has been designed to be a central portal for those organizations and people that need to know not only about the classes or processes, but also to be a window for those Presales people that need help and guidance re the roles, responsibilities and soft skills needed by Presales people in the sales cycle and in the way they need to interface with sales people and customers.

The videos via YouTube will be constantly updated as well as other sections that need further information as we move forward. I have not included any WIKI capabilities or the ability to ask questions direct via the site, other sites such as 'LinkedIn' do a great job for that.

Many of the classes listed in the site are available not only as face to face instructor lead training but as webinars using webcams, VOIP, virtual class rooms all for global audiences.

I have some password secure sections in remindmesteve as this site is designed to help people who have attended my face to face classes or webinars. It may be difficult to follow without having attended the original classes.

I wish you all the best in your usage of this site and a successful career in the best job in the world - PRESALES CONSULTING PLEASE CONTACT ME ON

The following classes are available from

REMINDMESTEVE.COM - direct link to Steve Cappers remindme site where attendees of previous classes can visit a large Repository and reference site where they can be 'reminded' re the roles and responsibilities of Presales people- broken down by sales cycle stages. (Partly password protected)

This site does have valuable information and immense details re the the roles of Presales people so if you really want to have access it is possible but does require registration by simple email and to reply to the email from with some information.

Career Development Model for Presales people

The videos in show details of Steve's classes, examples of good/bad Presales/Sales meetings and good/bad customer discovery meetings. Also see here videos on Presales career developments and roles/responsibilities.

Steve Capper: Profile,Information and Background

Contact Steve

Information re Renting a French Vacation House - Steve and his wife Marilyn also run a business renting vacation houses in France to a global audience. Groups of 4 Presales people can have a 3 day coaching session in France - price includes 5 nights' accommodation.

























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