Presales career development model

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Career development model for presales created from several sources by Steve Capper. Level 1 shows the very basic level expected of an it presales person, The progression to architect/business consultant (senior ) is level 4. The Steve Capper presales and architect classes are designed to take class attendees from the nominated level to the desired level. Use this document in tandem with the Steve Capper presales menu. This document is the property of Steve Capper and is copyright.

1COMMUNICATIONCommunicates clearly verbally and in writing.Clearly communicates difficult concepts using language appropriate to the recipient.Combines multiple concepts and perspectives into a unified, convincing message. Effectively communicates complex technical concepts verbally and in writing.Synthesizes multiple new ideas in real time to create a unifying message. Writes documents which compel acceptance and action.
2PROBLEM SOLVINGEstablishes the key facts of a situation and proposes appropriate courses of action. Participates in gathering customer requirements.Asks appropriate problem identification, requirements and environment questions. Evaluates alternative solutions rigorously to identify potential implications/ problems before making a final recommendation or decision.Analyses data from various sources and synthesizes alternatives to create innovative solution that will meet and evolve beyond current requirements. Can visualise sales opportunities over and above simple existing customer problems. Identifies innovative, breakthrough solutions to solve tough, highly complex problems or take advantage of an opportunity. Takes account of business, organisational, technical, and political implications when making decisions.
3ABILITY TO BUILD QUESTIONS THAT UNCOVER BUSINESS NEEDS (ADDRESSED BY PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS)Can ask normal questions- open+closedKnows what to say next when using a question set approach, and understands the difference between CXO and user type question setsAsks very planned questions that deliver info to the selling team to drive a sales cycle forward with a business solution focusAsk questions that uncover not just todays issues but tomorrows as well, inspires the customer to look at the proposed solution as a competitive weapon and thus wins the business
4TEAMWORK WITH SALES & THE SELLING TEAMActively participates in team activitiesPlays an active and constructive role within the team. Helps sales to with prospect qualificationPlays an active, central role in one or more teams. Effectively manages conflict within the team.
5WORKING WITH CUSTOMERSParticipates in sales calls.Actively contributes within the sales cycle (e.g. opportunity and account planning) and takes responsibility for technical decisions and recommendations in support of the sales strategy.Analyses customer's business goals and forms effective business relationships at senior levels within the account. Looks to create references.Consults with the customer executives and influences their IT/Business planning process. Becomes trusted advisor.
6BUSINESS APPROACHDescribes business solution strategy to customers/ partners.Demonstrates ability to deliver business solutions in the customer/partner industry or market.Presents technical solutions in a way that clearly identifies their value to the customer/ partner business. Delivers business impact to the customer.Finds synergy between technology and customers' business vision and goals. Influences strategies to achieve business alignment. Has the ability and understands the importance of delivering a solution that provides a real business impact to the customer at CXO level.
7WORKING WITH PARTNERS i.e OTHER VENDORS OR THE CHANNELArticulates current partner strategyUnderstands partner business models and articulates the value of partnering with own company. Monitors partner SE engagement. Develops partner enablement expertise if appropriate.Drives the sales, customer and partner virtual team. Manages expectations when multiple partners are involved in an opportunity. Manages conflict in engagements if needed. Manages the technical engagement and strategy of the partner team. Forms coalitions with senior people in partner/ customer organisations.
8PRESENTATION AND SOLUTION DELIVERYConfidently and effectively presents pre-prepared presentations to small groups.Delivers presentations that have a high level of audience impact. Tailors these presentations to the specific audience.Creates and delivers high-impact presentations that emphasise business value, appropriately customised for the audience. Handles hostile audiences professionally.Paints a compelling picture that inspires new perspectives. Creates logical and emotional momentum to achieve commitment and action.
9RELATIONSHIP BUILDINGDevelops good working relationships with colleagues, customers and partners.Identifies and develops relationships with key business contacts. Has created a local internal network of contacts. Realises the importance of creation and maintenance of their own referencesManages conflicts and resolves disagreements effectively. Interacts effectively at various levels. Has developed a world-wide network of key contacts within own organisationDevelops relationships at senior executive level. Effectively leverages worldwide network to maximise contribution to projects. Understands the CXO perspective.
10RESOURCE AND PROCESS MANAGEMENTIdentifies resources available to him/her and uses these effectively. Participates in the sales process.Quantifies, engages and monitors resource investments. Manages appropriate sales/business processes.Manages complex sales processes and gives guidance to presales resources. Secures resources by building a strong business case.Effectively researches own company global resources and leverages these to enhance technical contribution to projects

Copyright Stephen Capper March 2009 no rights to copy/use/send/email/cut-paste without the permission of Steve Capper