Steve Capper - Profile and Background

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Steve is a Professional Presales Behavioural change GURU - He originally was in the IT Industry and worked for companies in the 80's and 90's such as MSA,CULLINET SOFTWARE AND FINALLY COMPUTER ASSOCIATES.

He left CA in 1994 and in 1997 started building his own IP to create the initial Presales class Behavioural change class. Steve was a Presales engineer, then helped set up and ran Presales operations in ASIA PAC for the above listed companies. Steve has done over 2500 presentations and demonstrations.

He takes great Technical people, people that love their product and can talk underwater for hours about it and turns them into Presales people that listen, ask questions, qualify sales people, and deliver Customer business Impact solutions not vendor presentations.

Steve has trained over 4000+ people over the past 10 years in companies such as:

  1. Platinum Technology
  2. BMC Software
  3. HP (TSG and IPG)
  4. Mercury Interactive
  5. SAS Software
  6. Quest Software
  7. Symix Software
  8. UC4 Banking Software
  9. SUN Microsystems

Steve's techniques and processes are used by Presales professionals around the world. He lives in Sydney and the Toulouse area of France. He has a B COMM from the University of NSW in Sydney is passionate about Presales processes and wants to write a book soon called 'THE SALE'

Image2 (31K) The SALE



    EMAIL -
    Phone IN EMEA : +33 4 68 78 17 05
    Phone IN ASIA + 61 413010778
    Please note - Steve is often in classes - so email first then schedule a call time Steve can also do Voip calls for via webcam

  • The Sandpipers Group.
  • CRC10 - CRC10 - Sales Enablement Consulting & Training Development
    Christophe Richard is a partner in France that can also deliver my Presales 2 day Training Program in Europe - Christophe delivers the class in French and English if necessary. Contact Christophe by email at by phone: +33 (0)1 30 90 96 55 or his website. He also runs other Sales Training programs. He is a very experienced Presales Manager in the past and lives in Paris.