Steve Capper's Presales Video Library

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Youtube Videos available from Steve Capper:

  1. Steve Capper overviews the full presales roles and responsibilities
  2. Classes available from Steve Capper
    1. Presales 2 day class - behavioural change - roles and responsibilities
    2. Senior Solution Consultant/Architect 3 day class
    3. Advanced Presentation Training incl video role plays
    4. TEAM SELLING - Best practice for the sales and presales (+ delivery/PS) to work together - 1 day to change the way the 2 teams think,act and work effectively as a team!...not sales training-- not Presales training BUT TEAM TRAINING. (see also video 7 below for more details)
  3. The next 9 videos walk you through major portions of the presales class
    1. Soft skills part 1
    2. Soft skills part2
    3. Qualification of the sales people
    4. Preparing for the customer discovery meeting - the sales/presales meeting
    5. The questioning skills workshop part 1
    6. The questioning skills workshop part 2
    7. Teamwork and planning for the Business impact solution
    8. Preparing and Delivery of the customer business impact presentation (BIS)
    9. The role and responsibility after the BIS
  4. The sales - presales meeting - THE ROAD TO NOWHERE - THE POTENTIAL DISASTER!
  5. The sales -presales meeting - THE ROAD TO SUCCESS - THE FOUNDATION FOR A WIN
  6. The Presales - customer meeting - a small example of the VERY process and WWBI!
  7. A very detailed description of the STEVE CAPPER 1 DAY TEAM SELLING CLASS - a class aimed at selling teams to help them to more effectively sell and work together in a sales cycle - not sales training - not presales training - BUT TEAM PRACTICE FOR SELLING TEAMS!
  8. A 9 minute video for SALES PEOPLE aimed at showing them the way the STEVE CAPPER PRESALES CLASS will effect them and the benefits to sales people.

Presales roles and responsibilities -- summary

Steve Capper's classes - all details via video of the classes available from

The 5-8 minute YouTube videos - The Role and Responsibilities of Presales People from Soft Skills Needed to the Role in the Sales Cycle in 9 Separate Videos