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    1. This is a 2 day customized class designed for Presales professionals or any technical person that needs to help a sales person sell a high value solution. It is called 'consultative' because the behavioral change is about becoming more ' consultative' in the approach and to move away from presenting products and 100's of features that may not even attempt to solve a customer's problem.
    2. The class is in 3 basic sections -
      1. Soft skills for Presales people
      2. The role and responsibility in the sales cycle from 1st request from Sales to 'win' the business and create reference
      3. Workshops on sales qualification, customer discovery, question asking, handling difficult questions etc….the class finishes with a major case study and either interview roles plays or solution presentations
    3. The class is designed to take great technical people - that love their product or even solution and turn them into people that love the business effect a product has on the customer and to find out this information.
    4. At the end of the class the attendee knows how to qualify a sales person, how to think on their feet, how to teamwork with a sales person (tag team), how to present Customer business impact solutions and to shut up and listen!
    5. Prior to the class the managers of the attendees are sent a 'menu' that allows them to indicate the level of focus to over 100 topics that effect the presales peoples process in a sales cycle or in the development of soft skills.
    1. This is a 3 day class for 10-12 people where the attendees put into practice the skills of learned on the CONSULTATIVE SELLING CLASS. The class has the following 6 segments.
      1. A revision and role plays of the major factors in consultative selling
      2. An interview in groups with a sales person who has organized a customer discovery and then presentation.
      3. A series of 20 minutes concurrent interviews with role playing senior executives and technical managers where in teams they try to find out customer issues, business problems and desired solutions.
      4. The delivery of a solution presentation (with or without video) where the attendees in groups present a customer solution.
      5. The presentation is repeated with instructor comments and mentoring.
      6. Final workshop on plans for implementation in the future.
    2. This class is 100% customized to industry and class maturity. Managers etc are invited to attend the final presentation if time is available.
    1. A review of the content of the Presales class that the managers Presales people attended.
      1. Examples of what you should have seen re behavioral change.
    2. An in depth look at the top 10 attributes needed by Presales people over 4 skill levels.
      1. how to gauge the Presales people over these skills sets
    3. A review of the sales cycle and a reminder of the roles and responsibilities of Presales people at each cycle stage
      1. examples of good/bad utilization of time in the sales cycle by Presales people
    4. Planning a learning path for the Presales people with 100% focus on soft skills to grow them through the 4 skills levels.
      1. Examples of the types of classes needed to attain the skill levels as well as specific mentoring/coaching.
    5. How to mentor and guide the Presales people in the following situations
      1. The continued ineffective utilization of the Presales resource by specific or groups of Sales people
      2. How to ensure senior Presales mentor sales people re effective info gathering prior to the usage of a Presales resource
      3. Answering RFP's, POC's timing and Sales people promising time and or answering technical questions in front of the customer.
    6. How to convey the message to senior Sales management re the behavioral change of the Presales staff and show the benefits;
      1. How to conduct a review with a Presales person regarding comments of negativity from sales people.
      2. How to deal with that problem with sales people/sales mgmnt.
      3. How to present the benefits to sales mgmnt of the benefits of the changed approach.
    7. Helping Presales answer difficult questions.
    8. The top 10 factors for Presales Mgmnt to review in a Presales presentation so that it has business focus.
    9. The role of Presales people in the creation of their own references, the importance, how to do that and how to help them.
    10. How to use the '' web site
    11. How to create the goals of the Presales people and mentor/manage them to success.
    12. How to run Win/Loss reviews with the sales/presales teams to grow team work, best practice and better performance.
    1. The class on day 1 contains a summary of the content, focus and workshops from the 2 day consultative selling class.
    2. Day 2 of this class is a exactly the same as the Presales Managers class
    1. This is a 1 day class for selling teams comprised of sales, presales and if required Professional services consultants and implementation services consultants.
    2. The purpose of this class is to improve team selling and handover to implementation consultants by getting all the parties in 1 room, the instructor facilitators the event where he/she will run a series of workshops to uncover issues and to assist in the implementation of process and methodology to improve the way selling teams work and then to reduce unnecessary 'surprises' for implementation consultants and the customer after the sale is completed.
    3. The class is dived into 4 major sections;
      1. A summary of the consultative selling class and the top 5 new behavioral skills that Presales will use in the sales process that directly affects the way the team thinks and works together.
      2. A team workshop - Sales goes into a separate room and on a list writes down "what they want more of from Presales and less of from presales'>>> not good or bad, not positive or negative>> But a little more of this and a little less of that. Presales are in another space where they do exactly the same for sales. "what they want more of from sales and less of from sales'
      3. After 45 minutes the teams come back together and the instructor facilitates the workshop to ask teams what they mean by each item of the 'mores and lesses'
      4. Teams then equally divide into sales and presales or if there are less than e.g. 12 then the class then discuss how they intent to improve the situation. They must come up with at least 3 doable, realistic, worthwhile, measureable and achievable objectives to improve the way they work together. The class then decides on timeframes and appoints an 'objective management' team that drives the attainment of the objectives for the next 4 months.
    1. Normal presentation skills class look at e.g. Where to stand, voice intonation, posture, usage of the room, looking at the screen, umm/rrrring etc. But they do not look at the Business content of what is actually being said. Thus people may get the top marks for doing a presentation of a product yet it has zero relevance to a customer because the content is not focused on their needs, issues or business impact.
    2. The skills class for Presentations that the organization does is focused on content making sure that the audience is involved, active and the presentation (We call them BUSINESS IMPACT SOLUTIONS) has the WOW factor.
    3. The class looks at the preparation needed before the presentation starts, the techniques during and what to do as the class ends. It looks at attacking presentations, defending presentations, presentations to non decision making technical people, presentations to CXO's etc. This class is designed for 4 people per day.
    4. All attendees are videoed
    1. This class is designed for selling teams to explore the sales cycle and to decide how to move prospects along a sales process.
    2. The selling team decides on the sales cycle that exists in their market or BU, or follows the normal cycle outlined by their organization, via their CRM process e.g..
    3. They then decide what pieces of information they need in sales cycle satge1, stage 2 etc.
    4. They then workshop the questions that they need to ask at each stage
    5. They then decide what activity is needed at each stage, (Presentation, demo, trials, poc's demo gear etc)
    6. They then map that the way they forecast via the funnel
    7. This is an intensive 1 day class for max 20 people and the outcome is a map of the sales process and a guide to the way to collect and present in format to a customer in a logical way that has been designed by the selling team that needs to use it.